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Posted Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Professors Leif Holmlid and Sveinn Olafsson cold fusion research since 2003 results in dozens of  their competent reports in mainstream journals: Rich Murray 2016.06.10


Today I happened to look into cold fusion research, which I have kept tabs on since March 1989, and found that, finally, some real tangible vigorous scientific progress is happening since 2003 with a few competent physicists from Iceland and Norway, in a small system that allows a high level of control and repetition and a variety of readily provable and surprising results, along with an adequate theory –


will probably mean unlimited free safe energy from small to huge systems that are inherently safe, light-weight, low-cost, non-polluting –


so I am finding and joining some forums about it, with up to 1800 members, with people I already know, and writing up a summary review for my own pleasure and my blog…  1800 members



[ gives a translation of a newspaper story in Norway ]


2016  April  03  COLD FUSION

Real, Revolutionary, and Ready.

Says Leading Scandinavian Newspaper


Aftenposten, a mainstream newspaper in Norway is publishing on Cold Fusion.


Here is a ‘translation patched up with contextual English/Physics parlance’ of the April 2, 2016, Norwegian report that features an interview with physicist Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen, who revealed details of an operating experimental cold fusion device in Norway, generating 20 times more energy than required to activate it !


According to Scandinavian physicists, ‘cold fusion’ happens due to the formation of ultra-dense hydrogen/deuterium as described in the widely acclaimed work and theoretical understanding by Professor Sveinn Olafsson (Sindre’s Phd. supervisor in Iceland) and Norway’s Professor Leif Holmlid.


Finally a proven testable theory for cold fusion that occurs in microscopic “stars” inside ordinary metals!


[ many photos and details in a very enthusiastic, lively, multi-faceted article... ]

photos, excellent brief summary, lists many key papers... ]



 2016 April 04    Holmlid and Olafsson  on Rydberg Fusion

 long, detailed color slide show on research since 2011


[ slide show also available via:




“cold fusion”, muons, olafsson, homlid, rydberg fusion, rydberg matter, slides, stanford


Professor Sveinn Olafsson of Iceland has shared this presentation of his and Professor Leif Homlid’s work with Rydberg hydrogen and ‘cold fusion’


Get your Geek On if you like physics outside of the box…


Cold fusion now has a proven testable mainstream theory explaining why it occurs and has occurred as originally announced in March 1989…


The skeptics, nare-do-wells, and dogmatics are revealed as fools or worse!

Welcome to the end of the fossil fuel age.

These slides are from a talk delivered at Stanford, spring 2016, walk through the Rydberg fusion experiments and data.


This work offers both a demonstrably tested and proven theory for cold fusion as well as detailed description of the work and how it relates to other cold fusion studies going back to the March 1989 announcement of Fleischmann and Pons in Utah.


One startling discovery in this work is the observation of the emission of muons !

The key condition that enables this ‘cold fusion’ to occur is the development of ultra-dense Rydberg hydrogen that forms on command within microscopic domains inside of metals.


This ultra-dense hydrogen/deuterium is said to be at a density 1000 times that found in the center of our Sun, perhaps attaining the density of a neutron star, quark soup !


With the nuclei squashed so closely together, fusion readily takes place and can be stimulated to become prolific by being simply illuminated with an ordinary green laser.

This cold fusion occurs at a temperature that is very cold compared to that of normal hot fusion and in a very unexpected neutron free form.


For those of us who were friends of the late great and much maligned Martin Fleischmann, we can remember well his speaking all those years ago of hydrogen density in his experiment far in excess of that of metallic hydrogen and indeed of the role of ‘deep Dirac levels’ and Poynting vector mysteries !


All, elements of a new age of science from outside the box.

Imagine how much better the world would be today if the mis- and dis-information campaign against cold fusion had not been so successfully waged for the past quarter of a century !


Vastly reduced fossil fuel emissions would have put climate change under control and infinite low cost energy would have allowed trillions to be spent on the betterment of mankind, to say nothing of the elimination of 25 years of ‘oil wars’ and the millions of people violently killed.


Read more about the new age of cold fusion by linking here…  or scroll down for the geeky bits !

Welcome to the end of the fossil fuel age and the beginning of the age of cold fusion !


You might catch a session at the April 2016 APS meeting in Salt Lake City on this topic.


APS April Meeting 2016

Saturday–Tuesday, April 16–19, 2016; Salt Lake City, Utah

Session E11: Energy Research and Applications

3:30 PM–5:18 PM, Saturday, April 16, 2016

Room: 250C


Abstract: E11.00009 : Rydberg phases of Hydrogen and low energy nuclear reactions

5:06 PM–5:18 PM



Sveinn Olafsson

(Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland)


Leif Holmlid

(Atmospheric Science, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, SE-412 96 Goteborg, Sweden)


For over the last 26 years the science of cold fusion/LENR has been researched around the world with slow pace of progress.

Modest quantity of excess heat and signatures of nuclear transmutation and helium production have been confirmed in experiments and theoretical work has only resulted in a large flora of inadequate theoretical scenarios.

Here we review current state of research in Rydberg matter of Hydrogen that is showing strong signature of nuclear processes.


In the presentation, experimental behavior of Rydberg matter of hydrogen is described.

An extensive collaboration effort of surface physics, catalysis, atomic physics, solid state physics, nuclear physics and quantum information is needed to tackle the surprising experimental results that have so far been obtained.


Rydberg matter of Hydrogen is the only known state of matter that is able to bring huge collections of protons to so short distances and for so long time, that tunneling becomes a reasonable process for making low energy nuclear reactions.


Nuclear quantum entanglement can also become realistic processes at these conditions.



by L Holmlid — ‎2013  25-page report

MeV/u from laser-induced fusion in ultra-dense deuterium.

Leif Holmlid. Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, SE-412 96.



Replicable cold fusion experiment: heat/helium ratio, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax, Current Science 104(4) 574-7, 2015.02.25 free pdfs of 34 papers: Rich Murray 2015.02.24


Abd ul-Rahman Lomax [newvortex] 

4:59 PM (5 hours ago) Tuesday. 2015.02.24


to newvortex


The entire journal:


The special section alone, 34 papers:


And, of course, my paper: “Replicable cold fusion experiment:

heat/helium ratio”


All the papers in that section may be discussed on Wikversity:


Some general information about this.

Current Science is a multidisciplinary journal established in 1932, published by the Current Science Association in collaboration with the

Indian Academy of Sciences.


Last year, the editors of the section solicited papers from researchers in the field of LENR. These papers went through two reviews, first by the special section editors and then, if the editors decided to forward the paper, by a normal peer reviewer assigned by Current Science.


The anonymous reviewer of my paper was familiar with physics and not with cold fusion, and was skeptical at first. Yes, I modified my paper extensively in response to his critique and it is, no doubt, better for it. Apparently, he was convinced, he gave a glowing recommendation for publication.

There are some very good papers in this collection, and others that are brief reports on activity in various nations or organizations.

I specially recommend McKubre’s paper, “Cold fusion: comments on the state of scientific proof”


But there are *many* excellent papers.


One might notice that we are not being shy about using the term “cold fusion.”  Times change.

It’s fusion, get over it.

(“Fusion” is a result, not a mechanism. The mechanism is a mystery.)


Posted by: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax 

“As a matter of course, every soul citizen of Earth has a priority to quickly find and positively share evidence for healthy and safe food, drink, environment, and society.”


within the fellowship of service,

by Rich Murray